Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Weekly Wednesday Book Talk- Dinosaur Bones

This week we started a unit on dinosaurs  and we sure had a lot of fun discovering new things about them.
We read a lot of books on dinosaurs but today I would be sharing a very comprehensive book on dinosaurs by Aliki. 'Dinosaur Bones' is a book which helps children understand what dinosaurs were like. It talks about how fossils were discovered and how scientists found out about dinosaurs by studying fossil remains.

After reading the book, we made our own fossils.
We put plastic dinosaur toys into balloons and added water in them.

We froze them in the freezer.

After which we took off the balloon and used various tools to dig up the fossils.

Now I must say, it wasn't an easy job to break the ice fossil. Patience was the key to this activity but because it was so exciting for the kids to take out the dinosaurs, it kept them engaged.

We also made a dinosaur skeleton puzzle and wrote a sentence about fossils. Get the template from HERE.

I would be sharing more activities about dinosaurs, so do visit again.

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