Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Weekly Wednesday Book Talk

This weeks book is "The rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister. 

It is a well known children's book and I am sure most of you must have read this book to little children. I love picking up this book when I want to talk about the concept of sharing and of course no ocean unit can be complete without this amazing book.
You can also use this book
 to talk about the parts of a fish and it also goes well with the introduction of letter r.

In the story, the rainbow fish has a lot of pretty shiny scales which he doesn't share with anyone. As a result the fish in the ocean doesn't want to become his friends. At the end, the wise Octopus guides the rainbow fish and helps him to win over some friends. It is a simple story which children would love to hear.

We did some literacy activities after reading this book.
First the kids told the story in their own words using sequencing cards.

Then they completed a story map.

They also drew an illustration of a fish and labelled its body parts.

And lastly, talked about their favorite part in the story.

You can get all the above activities from my Rainbow Fish Literacy Pack.
The Rainbow Fish- Literacy Pack

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