Friday, 7 August 2015

Back To School-The Complete Alphabet Resource

 I am really excited to share my alphabet pack that is perfect to use with kindergarten kids. It sure took a lot of time and hard work to create this pack but it was well worth all the efforts. So what is there in this pack?
The Complete Alphabet Pack

Alphabet posters: Use these posters to point at the pictures and say the name of the pictures by stressing on the first sound. Point at the symbol of the letter and stress on the name followed by the sound of the letter. Read all the other words and brainstorm new words with the children.


Letter Story: Read the story and focus on words beginning with the letter being taught. Ask the children to name the words. Let them turn into little detectives and circle the letters.

Coloring Sheets: Let children name the pictures and color the letters.

Letter Art: Allow children to get creative with these pages. Provide them with the suggested materials and let them turn the letters into beautiful pieces of art.

Handwriting Pages: Children can use these pages to practice tracing uppercase and lowercase letters.

Uppercase and Lowercase Identification: Children can sort uppercase and lowercase letters through different activities.     

Beginning Sounds: Children will get an opportunity to put their learning into practice with these beginning sound sheets. There are various activities in which children can tell the names of things that begins with each letter.

Review Sheets: Use the review pages to assess the knowledge of sounds.

Alphabet Puzzles: 26 letter puzzles which will enhance the problem solving skills of children. Cut them apart and allow children to put the pieces together.

The kids really had a blast doing these activities. 

Of course we didn't just work with these. I use different approaches and various activities when introducing a letter. But this pack proved to be extremely handy as it reinforced a lot of different skills like identification of letter names(uppercase and lowercase), letter sounds, beginning handwriting, fine motor skills and vocabulary.
If you are interested in getting this 'print and use 232 page' pack then visit MY TPT STORE.

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