Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Elmer The Elephant- Weekly Wednesday Book Talk

Today's book is about a colorful elephant who doesn't really like his beautiful colors. "Elmer" by David Mckee is a must read for many reasons.

You can use this book if you are teaching about:

doing a unit on elephants,
teaching the letter Ee or
teaching children that being different is a unique thing.

Elmer is not fond of his colors. He wants to be like other elephants. But the other elephants adore him because he makes them laugh. One day he decides to color himself grey and realizes that it really didn't make a difference to his herd. They loved him for who he was, not his colors.

After reading the book,we sponge painted Elmer.

Since I was using this book to teach letter Ee, we did a lot of fun activities like counting elephants, Color by number, find the letter Ee and some plain old writing of letter Ee.

This book captivates the attention of children as it is full of colors. And it conveys a beautiful message of accepting everyone in a very simple way. So grab this book if you still haven't and read it to your little ones. They will surely enjoy it.

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