Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

My newest alphabet pack is ready and it is perfect for three to four year olds who are just starting to explore the abstract world of letters. 

The pack has alphabet posters which are fantastic for a visual stimulus. Just hang them in your classrooms or put them in a binder for little ones to look at. 

In this pack, the focus is on uppercase letters for the simple reason that they are easy to form. I am totally on the side of educators who feel that stress should be laid on lowercase letters because that's what children see most in print when reading but if your child is learning letters for the first time, capital letters makes sense. The little fingers need to first learn to form their straight lines and slanting lines before moving on to curves.

The pack  has simple writing sheets which your kids will enjoy doing as the space is not limited.

And for that phonological awareness skill, there are rhymes for each letter. Just print and sing! You could ask children to listen for rhyming words or if they are ready, words beginning with a particular letter.

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Alphabet Pack for Beginners

I have lots of alphabet packs which you can use in your classroom or at home. Scroll down to check them out.
If you are looking for a comprehensive pack to use the entire year, check out my Back To School Alphabet Resource. You can read more about it HERE.
Back to School Alphabet Pack

If you are focusing on beginning sounds then this PACK is perfect.Alphabet- Beginning Sounds Pack

A fun monster themed alphabet pack! In this pack you will find lots of hands on activities.Get it from HERE.
Alphabet- Monster themed letter pack

If you want some word wall cards, then this is perfect. Click HERE to get it.
Alphabet Word wall cards
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