Sunday, 30 August 2015

Community Helpers- Doctor

We started the unit on doctors by exploring nonfictional and fictional books.


The kids made a doctors craft and did some writing.

We also discussed the different kinds of doctors-surgeons, paramedics and pediatrics.
I integrated literacy into the unit and played a word surgery game. The idea came from Tunstalltimes.blogspot

We also made a doctors kit and an ambulance craft.

We recorded facts that we learnt about a doctor. You can download this sheet from 3dinosaurs.

We wrapped this week long unit by reading my doctor emergent reader book. Get your copy from my TPT STORE.

Children also explored the various tools that a doctor uses. I don't have a picture of them engaging in dramatic play but you can view how I had set up a dramatic play area previously by clicking HERE.

I will be sharing few activities about the community helper- dentist as well. So do come back to check them out.

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