Monday, 10 August 2015

Indian Independence Day

This week is full of celebrations because the Indian Independence Day is just around the corner. And learning can be integrated in a fun way when ever there is any kind of  celebration. I am sharing some of the activities that I did with my little sweeties. The activities focus a lot on literacy and numeracy skills but  most of them are game based so kids participated with enthusiasm.

I read out a factual book about India to them.You can grab your copy from HERE.

We made an Indian flag by painting ice cream sticks with the Tri-color. The older kids added a sentence underneath the flag. I wanted them to practice reading the sentence from left to right and top to bottom, so I cut up the words and let them stick the words in order.

Since we are practicing reading CVC words, I made an activity where the kids had to take the Indian boy to the national flag by coloring all the Vowel I words since India begins with I.

The younger kids just had to find the letter I.

We made rhyming words with the word 'flag'.

We also put together national symbol puzzles. The kids had to read the words and match them to the pictures.

We fixed some number order puzzles too!

We rolled the dice and graphed the national symbols.

We played a memory match game. The kids who found a matching pair of the national symbol, got a sticker of the Indian Flag.

Bingo was a lot of fun and the competitive spirit of this game surely got the kids excited!

We also colored kites of different sizes.

You can get all these activities from my TPT STORE.
India Unit- A literacy and Numeracy Pack
I will be coming back soon with some more fun activities and a freebie! So do come back to check out!

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