Friday, 21 August 2015

Consonant Blend Activities

I started a lesson on blends this week with my kiddos as they have already mastered reading and writing CVC words but was surprised to find that there aren't too many resources on the web to teach blends.
I searched a lot and finally settled on one product-By Tweet Resources.

But I was motivated to create something of my own to add to this product, so I made a board game(my new obsession), a fun dice game and few other activities to get my students excited.
But the most exciting part of this lesson was the blueberry milkshake! Yup, you read it correctly.
We started by making a delicious shake with fresh blueberries in a blender as both the words start with the blend- bl.

Much to my surprise, few kids didn't know what a blender was so this activity was a good experience for them.
We followed it up with a blender craft. Sorry! I don't have a picture for this activity.

We read the emergent reader.

                   I cut up the word cards and allowed the kids to match the words to the pictures.

We also did a picture and word sort of words beginning with 'b' and 'bl'.

 The kids always enjoy reading when you add a fun element to it. And in this case it was only a dice. But the kids enjoy the process of rolling the dice and finding the words and of course whoever completes the sheet first gets to be the winner.

We also practiced spelling the words, though it was a little challenging. 
We used sound cards and my favorite - board game to read more words beginning with the blend "bl".

All these activities can be found in my TPT STORE.
Blends- 'Bl' Pack

Hope you enjoyed them and if you do something exciting while teaching blends, do share as I would love to get more creative and inspired.

And do come back for more blend packs in the future.