Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wednesday Weekly Book Talk- Papa Please Get The Moon For Me

This week's book is "Papa Please Get The Moon For Me" by Eric Carle. Eric Carle needs no introduction. He is the king of children's books and all his books leave a lasting impression on little kiddos, You can use this book if you are teaching about the phases of the moon or when teaching letter M, like I did. 

"Moon", "Monica", "Mountain", "Me" were some of the words we discovered from letter M. It is a simple book with beautiful illustrations and very subtly introduces the phases of the moon. 

After reading the book, we followed up with a craft and a writing activity. I got this idea from Kindergarten Hoppenings.

The kid painted a sheet with blue paint and colored stars.
She wrote what she would do if she had the moon. This kid is only 4 years and is still learning to write, so I wrote out the words for her.

She added stairs and the crescent moon, since that's the shape she insisted on. Lastly she added her picture of climbing the stairs.

This is how the final product looked.

Don't miss out on reading this book to your kids.

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