Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Weekly Wednesday Book Talk- Independence Day

India's independence day is around the corner and I shortlisted some books that I would be reading to my kids.  Though the books don't really talk about India's independence, I feel they are great discussion starters about India. I love doing an India unit during this time and the books provide us with a lot of information. 

This is an alphabetic book on India and the author has used each letter of the alphabet to tell something special about our country. It covers quite a lot from food, festivals, cities and dances to the diverse culture of India.

Books from Scholastic always have great illustrations. Get this book if your kids like non fictional text. The real life pictures add to the beauty of this book and it does give a lot of information about India.

I loved Prodeepto Das "I is for India" and had to get a copy of this book too. This book is perfect if your kids are visiting India for the first time. It is told in first person and offers a fresh perspective of India. 

If you would like to talk about the capital of India, this book is a great read. It talks about popular monuments, important places and even the Delhi Metro. A great peek into the capital city!

In case you would like to talk particularly about the independence, you can grab my printable copy from HERE

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